Another great month this time around. I finally managed to get one of the worst flops of all time from Nintendo. I also added an intriguing Dreamcast peripheral to my collection.

Tetris Worlds – Sony Playstation 2

It’s Tetris as we all remember it. Drop different shaped blocks into the container, and fit them together to form a horizontal line, and the line disappears. Your job is to keep going as long as possible by clearing the container of blocks.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £1.40 (Cash Converters)

Shadow Of Memories – Playstation 2

The objective of Shadow of Memories is to guide player character Eike Kusch through the fictional German town of Lebensbaum (Life’s Tree) as he travels through time to prevent and unmask his murderer. The game takes place in three parts: a prologue, eight chapters, and an epilogue. In the prologue and each chapter, Eike dies, is resurrected by the non-player character Homunculus, and travels back in time before his death with the intent of changing events to prevent it. Shadow of Memories lacks traditional action elements, and Eike cannot attack nor does he have a bar displaying his health. The digipad, a time-traveling item given to Eike by Homunculus, requires energy units, which the player can find scattered around the town. The gameplay primarily consists of time-traveling through the different eras, finding items, and interacting through dialogue with the non-player characters. Actions taken in one time period affect future ones; for example, if Eike removes a seal from the squire’s manor in 1580, the seal will not appear in the present era.

Rating – Boxed No Manual
Price Paid – £2.99 (Cash Converters Online)

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance is a re-vamped and revised edition of the original Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, in which Solid Snake must recover the stolen Metal Gear Ray from a group of terrorists bent on using its power for unthinkable reasons.
Along with the original espionage shooter comes a collection of 200 virtual reality (VR) missions. Missions range from killing certain targets and using particular weapons, as well as seeing the world of Solid Snake from different perspectives and styles, with first-person target modes and a variety mode including crazy characters of different shapes and sizes.
Also included are various alternative missions, ranging from the protagonist sneaking around and snapping photos of targets to bomb disposal, all out destruction, and more.

Rating – Complete In Box
Price Paid – £8.99 (Cash Converters Online)

Sega Mega CD Instruction Manual

I needed this manual to make my Sega Mega Cd console complete.

Rating – Loose
Price Paid – £9.95 (eBay)

Vectrex Multicart

I came across a seller selling a multicart for the Vectrex for cheap, and I couldn’t resist. I already have a few of these games but there’s a few I do not have.

The list of games are –

  • Armor Attack
  • Bedlam
  • Berzerk
  • Clean Sweep
  • Cosmic Chasm
  • Hyperchase
  • Minestorm II
  • Rip Off
  • Scramble
  • Solar Quest
  • Space Wars
  • Star Castle
  • Star Hawk
  • Star Trek

Rating – Loose
Price Paid – £16.50 (eBay)

The Aura Interactor

Please see separate post here

Rating – Boxed No Manual
Price Paid – £14.99 (Cash Converters)

NEC PC Engine Console

Please see separate post here

Rating – Loose
Price Paid – £150 (Facebook Group)

Space Invaders – PC Engine

The Invaders are back and tougher than ever! Space Invaders: Fukkatsu no Hi (Day of Resurrection) is an update of the iconic game from Taito. The game features updated graphics and nearly a dozen different weapon types, as well as a much wider variety of enemy Invaders to shoot down.
Also included is a conversion of the original 1978 coin-op.

Rating – Loose
Price Paid – £12 (eBay)

6x PC Engine HuCard Games

I purchased a bundle of PC Engine HuCard games in the same vein as the Famicom ones I buy. Just as an oddity for my collection. I have no idea what the games are like or if I could ever play them due to the language barrier, but they are cool to have.

The list of games are –

  • Nhk Okāsan to Issho – Niko Niko Punnhk
  • Formation Soccer on J League
  • Kato Chan Ken Chan
  • Blodia
  • Power League
  • Fire Pro Wrestling 3 – Legend Bout

Rating – Loose
Price Paid – £29.99 (eBay)

Out Run – Sega Master System

OutRun is a racing game that allows the player to race across varied terrain in a readily available Ferrari, complete with a female passenger, over a series of short tracks.
Gameplay is viewed from just above and behind the car. The roads are full of sharp bends and hazards, contact with which can cause the car to roll and lose the player’s time. On each section of track there is a fork in the road, allowing the player to choose which direction he or she wishes to go in. The player has to to complete five track sections in total, out of the fifteen in the game.

Rating – Boxed No Manual
Price Paid – £8.00 (Cash Converters)

Super Tennis – Sega Master System

Super Tennis offers to control an unknown tennis player against a AI opponent, in various tennis courts, competing to win matches. The tennis players can be moved around freely on the court and the regular rules are followed. A third-person camera perspective is used, from a fixed perspective. The two buttons on the controllers are use to hit straight and fast, and to lob. When close to the net, volleys and smashes are also possible. Multiplayer is supported for two players, head to head or in a doubles game with or against AI opponents.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £3.00 (Cash Converters)

Enduro Racer – Sega Master System

In this game you play the role of an endurance bike racer. The gameplay involves you racing against the clock to get to the finish line and jumping over ramps. At the end of each race you get points for how many cars or bikes you have overtaken with which you can upgrade your bike. There are various different terrain for you to race on including desert beach and dirt tracks plus a number of things to slow you down or even knock you off of your bike all together. The main idea is to find the best route through each level to shave off valuable seconds in order to over take more cars and bikes.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £4.00 (Cash Converters)

Sega Saturn Arcade Racer Analog Steering Wheel

The Arcade Racer is a type of joystick designed after a steering wheel for the Sega Saturn. As the controller is an analog control mechanism instead of the digital input of the standard controller, it possesses a smoother response. It was compatible with games such as Virtua Racing, Daytona USA, Sega Rally Championship and Sega Touring Car Championship.

Rating – Boxed No Manual
Price Paid – £14.99 (Cash Converters Online)

Oculus Quest 2

Please see separate post here

Rating – Complete In Box
Price Paid – £240 (Cash Converters)

Mario Paint – SNES

Mario Paint is an educational game that allows anyone to create simple pictures, paint over black and white pictures, or free draw their own using the specially developed SNES Mouse. The player can also create their own piece of music using a selection of notes and themes, create greeting cards and animations, or play a game of “Gnat Attack”, where they use the mouse to control a swatter to swat flies.

Rating – Complete In Box
Price Paid – £34.99 (Cash Converters)

Karaoke Add-on For Sega Dreamcast Console

Please see separate post here

Rating – Complete In Box
Price Paid – £76 (eBay)

Atari ST Bundle

Please see separate post here for Atari ST info

This computer came with several floppys of software as well as 2 joysticks. Along with these the bundle came with 35 complete boxed games.

The list of games included are as follows –

  • Atax
  • Skyfox
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
  • Starglider 2
  • Afterburner
  • Operation Wolf
  • SDI
  • R-Type
  • Lancelot
  • Another World
  • Trantor
  • Waterloo
  • Barbarian II
  • Mighty Bombjack
  • Carrier Command
  • OO7 Licence To Kill
  • Falcon (2 Copies)
  • Strike Force Harrier
  • Foundations
  • Uninvited
  • Space Harrier
  • Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (2 Copies)
  • Thunder Blade
  • Ballistix
  • Legend Of The Sword
  • Tintin On The Moon
  • Xenon 2: Megablast
  • Extra Time
  • Xevious
  • Buggy Boy
  • Out Run
  • Count Duckula: No Sax Please – We’re Egyptian
  • Motor Massacre
  • BMX Simulator
  • 3D Pool

Rating – Unboxed Including Manual
Price Paid – £221.60 (Cash Converters)

Nintendo Virtual Boy

Please see separate post here

This console also came with 5 games, other than the pack-in Mario Tennis game.

The games included are –

  • Nesters Funky Bowling
  • Galactic Pinball
  • 3D Tetris
  • Red Alarm
  • Mario Clash

Rating – Complete In Box
Price Paid – £376 (eBay)

Sega Mark III Console

Please see separate post here

Rating – Boxed No Manual
Price Paid – £245 (eBay)

Elevator Action – Sega Mark III Card

You are Agent 17 (codename: “Otto”). Your mission is to secure all top secret documents from a security building and escape in the getaway car, located in the basement of the building.
Enemies spies are scattered throughout the 30-floor building and they have only one mission: execute Agent 17 at all costs.

There are several ways in which Agent 17 can kill them:

  • Shooting them with his gun.
  • Kicking them by jumping onto them.
  • Shooting a light on the ceiling while in an elevator, dropping the light onto one of them.
  • Crushing them with an elevator.

Whenever a light has been dropped, the hallways will be dark for a short period of time, making the enemy spies harder to see. The same holds true for hallways that are already dark.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £15 (eBay)

Monaco GP – Sega Mark III Card

A top-down view, vertically scrolling, Formula One-style racing game, with colour, first released for the arcade in 1979. Few games before this had coloured scrolling backgrounds (Taito’s Super Speed Race is one). Has notable sound effects e.g the fanfare to start the race, engines, crashes, etcetera. The track has a narrowing/widening visual effect and a night driving mode where the headlines of cars are on.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £15 (eBay)

Alex Kidd In Miracle World – Sega Mark III Cart

Alex Kidd in Miracle World[a] is a platform game for the Master System. It was released in Japan on November 1, 1986
A young martial artist named Alex Kidd learns of a villain named Janken the Great who has defeated King Thunder of the city of Radaxian and who has kidnapped his son, Prince Egle (or ‘Igul’), and Egle’s fiancée Princess Lora. Discovering that he is the lost son of King Thunder, Alex sets out to rescue the kingdom. On his quest, he defeats Janken’s henchmen and retrieves various items which lead him toward Janken whom he defeats and sees turned to stone. Alex retrieves the crown, and the people of Radaxian are restored under the newly crowned King Egle.

The player must finish levels and overcome obstacles and puzzles in both scrolling and single-screen environments. Throughout the 17 stages, Alex faces many monsters and the three henchmen of Janken the Great, before facing Janken himself.
Alex’s punching ability is used to destroy enemies and to break rocks in order to access new paths and to collect items such as money which can then be used to purchase other items including vehicles such as motorbikes and helicopters. At the end of many stages, Alex plays jan-ken-pon (rock-paper-scissors) with one of Janken’s henchmen. Alex dies with one hit, or by losing a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £0 (Came With Console)

Space Harrier – Sega Mark III Cart

Run… fly… dodge those obstacles, but return fire on wave after wave of attacking aliens. Armed with a really big gun, you have to defend yourself against the alien hordes using your wits to navigate around the screen. But watch out for those end of level bosses!
Originating in the arcades, Space Harrier is a third-person rail shooter with pseudo-3D graphics, set in the same world as Fantasy Zone. The lone titular hero fights aliens with a fireball-launching cannon, which can also be used to transform the hero into a flying rocket. The protagonist is constantly in motion, but the speed of his movement can be regulated by the player.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £0 (Came With Console)

After Burner – Sega Mark III Cart

After Burner is an aircraft shooter. The goal is simple: use your F-14 Tomcat and shoot as many enemies as you can. This aircraft has two weapons: lock-on missiles and Vulcan cannons (basically machine guns). In some versions there is an option to let the cannons shoot automatically all the time.
The game is viewed from behind the plane with you fighting wave after wave of enemy fighters. But at heart it offers the usual shooter mechanics, meaning you spend most of your time dodging and shooting. Sometimes you come across a friendly supply plane and if you dock with it you can replenish your missiles.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £0 (Came With Console)