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A Productive Day Off

So on a recent day off, I decided that I would tackle 3 projects that had been on the back burner for a bit of time. I first had to do a little retrobrighting on my Game Boy case, fix 2 joysticks with stuck buttons, and fix a NES with a blinking light issue….

Collectors Edition: 001 – Physical Vs Digital

Welcome to Collectors Edition, a semi regular series of posts where I talk about a few topics around what it is like being a retro gaming collector, along with anything else I want to talk about related to this whole retro gaming scene. I thought I’d start off with a big one and talk about the state of physical media in the 2024 gaming scene….

Video Game Console Wall Art

I have conceived a concept for a piece of wall art that would exhibit a selection of distinguished video game consoles, organized in a chronological timeline format. Beneath the graphical depiction of each console, there would be a notation indicating the year of its release….

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Pricing My Collection With Cex 2022

So 2 years ago I decided to see how much my collection was worth using the high street game store CEX (You can read the post here). I looked at their cash and voucher price that CEX would give me for my collection. I was quite shocked by how many games were omitted by CEX,…

Retrobrighting My Amiga 500 Plus

Trip to Blackpool Arcade Club

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