Pickups December 2021

A great month for me this time around, not only with the items I bought, but also as it was Christmas I received loads of amazing gifts.


Pickups November 2021

A great month this time around. Managed to get a load of stuff added to the collection. I also managed to add a couple to my top 10’s.

Philips G7000 Game Bundle Nightmare

I purchased this bundle from a seller on Facebook, who I’d previously bought from a few years ago with no issue, this time however, was a pain in the ass.

Game Boy Advance Battery Replacement

I was browsing the Cash Converters website, which I regularly do, and this listing came up. This was very cheap so I snapped it up.
I purchased this game for one reason only, to resell. I don’t do a lot of reselling because I am trying to build up a collection, but I will occasionally……

Pickups October 2021

An expensive month for me this time, as I dipped my toe into collectable Lego, which is not cheap. I also managed to get a couple of boxed additions to……

Pickups September 2021

Not a huge haul this month, but I did get a few games and a couple of boxed consoles so I can’t really complain too much.

Building The Ultimate Sega Game Gear

An old beaten up broken Sega Game Gear came into work recently, and just looking at the poor guy made me sad. It was heavily……

Pickups August 2021

A few good additions this month, also it was my 38th birthday so I got a few gaming related presents which is always nice.

Pickups July 2021

Not a great deal of hardware added to the collection this month, but I still managed to get a few nice bits.

Metal Gear Ac!d – Sony PSP

Pickups June 2021

A load of good stuff added to the collection this month. Lets dive in.

Micro Arcade – Tetris