Original Fat Playstation 2

The original PlayStation 2, often referred to as the “fat” PS2 due to its later slimmer iterations, had a distinctive design, which was actually inspired by an unreleased computer: the Atari Falcon 030/040 Microbox.
It boasted a unique, asymmetrical “skyscraper” design. This means it wasn’t a simple cuboid. One section was taller and bulkier than the other, creating a sense of dynamism. The PS2 could be positioned horizontally or vertically, thanks to a built-in stand. This flexibility allowed gamers to optimize their entertainment setup. The dominant colour was a matte black, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look different from competitors’ more playful consoles.
The front panel housed essential buttons with clear LED indicators. There was an “Open/Close” button for the disc tray, a “Standby/Reset” button, and conveniently, two USB 1.1 ports for accessories. The disc tray smoothly ejected when the button was pressed. Strategically placed vents ensured proper airflow to prevent overheating during intense gaming sessions.
The design prioritized clean lines and a lack of clutter. This minimalist approach gave it a timeless feel, Everything about the design, from the button placement to the stand, served a clear purpose, enhancing the user experience.
The PS2’s design stood out for its simplicity, elegance, and functionality. It conveyed a sense of power and sophistication, reflecting the advanced technology it housed. While later revisions introduced the slimmer and lighter design, the original PS2’s form factor remains a beloved classic.

The PS2 introduced the DualShock 2 controller, which built upon the successful design of the original PlayStation’s DualShock controller.
The controller featured analog sticks, pressure-sensitive buttons, and vibration feedback for an immersive gaming experience.

My main goal with getting this version of the PS2 was to eventually purchase the network adapter, as well as a hard drive so I can mod it and add games. Ill keep you posted when this happens.

For some strange reason, this Playstation 2 came with a Playstation 3 controller, I don’t mind as I have a fair few PS2 controllers, and this PS3 controller is worth more than this whole console if I were to sell it (which I do not plan on doing.)

Name/VariantOriginal Fat Playstation 2
NotesMissing CD Tray Plate