This Is a first-person tactical shooter where you play as a soldier from an elite branch of the American military called ‘Ghosts’ and you are essentially stopping the Russian government from trying to recreate the former Soviet Union. . . .
There are 6 playable characters in your squad and you can swap between them at any point during a mission.  Before each mission you build your Alpha and Bravo squad and during a level, you issue orders to each team and can send them to recon or assault an area. Now this is great in theory, but in practice it falls flat on its face. Issuing orders is simple enough but your teammates are all stupid and will disregard your orders whenever they feel like it and split up, get stuck outside doors and when they finally get in the door, they will block your way through, so you’ll need to cycle between all members, just to move him out of the way then cycle back to the guy you were at first.
Remember when I said that the mini map from Halo was the worst one I’d encountered? Well not anymore, this one is even more unhelpful and pointless nothing shows up on it, though it will change colour occasionally for some reason, don’t know why.  The enemies seem to just appear out of nowhere and when they are shooting at you there’s no way of knowing if they are hitting you until you die. It’s so frustrating.
Graphically this game is ok, the characters are good enough looking but the environments are bland and boring with horrible blocky textures. It’s not a case of hardware limitations either because I’ve played better looking games in this generation of consoles before.
The music is forgettable, but the ambient sound effects are great and add to the immersion. A rustle of leaves, the blowing of the wind and a distant gunshot all make it seem very real.
Although I love this genre of games I did not think much of this game at all there far are better shooters on the Xbox than this. But I admire what they were trying to do with the squad based gameplay which would influence lots of similar games in the future