Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles is an on-rails shooter where you play as various characters through various missions from the Resident Evil universe.
I’m a big fan of most of the Resident evil games, I’ve played through all the main numbered games numerous times, so getting to revisit key moments from the different games was great.

The presentation here is nothing special, the levels are very dark, with low quality textures. Although the enemies look pretty good overall.

The stages are filled with slow moving zombies that take FAR too many shots to kill.  Think you can aim and get a sweet head shot? Think again, it is nigh on impossible to aim for the very small hit zone on the enemies heads. Boss battles are very long and very difficult, many times you’re aiming at a very specific small weak spot on the fast moving enemy. It’s very unforgiving.
There aren’t a great deal of health pickups during the levels and save points are extremely spaced out. I found myself dying and then having to play about 20 mins, only to die at the same point again. This infuriated me. You are given no time at all to react to an attack, so many times you have to take a hit, there is literally nothing you could do to avoid it.
Overall I had fun with this game even though it was very difficult. It was easy to pick up and play and give it a good hour of your time, but the difficulty really let’s it down for me. 6/10