Get your pitchforks ready guys because I didn’t really enjoy the story here, it was difficult for me to follow. It’s most likely because I’m not a big fan of a lot of many sci-fi shooters. Although I did have fun playing ‘Lost Planet’ on the Xbox 360. But I didn’t know or care about what was going on and tried to just enjoy the gameplay as best as I could. Doing this though just made this games flaws more obvious.

The environments here are all very repetitive and I found myself getting lost a lot in this game, the mini map was absolutely no help as it did not display where the objective was. Most of the enemies are very samey and quite bland, although the enemy Ai is quite adaptive and intelligent which I liked.  The score was really well done in this game and helped with the immersion, as all good video game music should do. The graphics still look good today.
Now on to the gameplay, the mechanics of this game are amazing and it’s easy to see why this game paved the way for all the shooters that came after. Shooting feels fantastic you get a variety of different weapons to blast your way through the many many enemies in the game.

I’m aware that I have missed out a massive portion of this game, a portion that holds all the nostalgia many people have for this game, and that’s the multiplayer. Unfortunately I never got to play with anyone else so I can’t comment on how good people tell me it is, but I can imagine how great getting 3 of your friends round and shooting the hell out of each other in 2-4 player battles.

Although I wasn’t a big fan of the story here, the game has a lot to offer the player and its easy to see why it’s got to the point where you can’t mention Xbox without talking about Halo. To me, Halo created the formula of how shooters should be done and for that reason I can forgive a lot of its flaws. 7/10