AeroWings is a simulation that allows the player to fly as a member of a jet aerobatics team. The game contains a variety of jet-powered aircraft that the player can fly in several game modes.
Blue Impulse Mission: Learn 20 aerobatic maneuvers and become a member of the elite Blue Impulse team. Learn loops, rolls, and more while flying both solo and in formation.
Sky Mission Attack: Fly through a series of targets suspended in mid-air before time runs out.
Free Flight: Fly around and freely explore the landscape.
Multi Play: Up to 4 players can perform in formation simultaneously.

Rating – Boxed No Manual
Price Paid – £8.00 (Cash Converters)

Buggy Heat

Buggy Heat is an off-road racing game licensed by the basic cable television station, TNN. It features 8 off-road vehicles and 6 tracks based on locations around the world.
There are several modes of play. The time attack mode allows you to race 4 different tracks to achieve your best time. In this mode, you can “train” your car and driver to learn your driving style. You can save the profile of your driving habits, and pit your saved driver against a friend in Vs. mode. You can then test these skills in the AI Level mode. The Championship mode allows you to compete in a series of races. The Vs. mode allows you to compete against another player.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £12.00 (Cash Converters)

Chu Chu Rocket

ChuChu Rocket is an action puzzler, designed predominantly as a multi-player game. You have indirect control over mice, and must guide them to the safety of a rocket, and away from a cat. You do this by placing arrows on the ground, which they will follow. The multi-player game is a frantic all-against-all duel, in which each player’s mice will only follow instructions of their own colour. You can play this mode on your own against CPU opponents, or take on a series of predefined puzzles.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £2.40 (Cash Converters)


Incoming aliens! Incoming aliens! They’ve already attacked the international moonbase, and they may already have a base in the Arctic! Earth is building a huge tracking station as first part of the counterattack, but now you detect incoming aliens and they don’t look friendly! Defend your base against the initial incursion by manning turret, tank, helicopter, harrier jet, and even captured alien fighter as you battle the aliens in various continents, and eventually lead the counterattack on the moon!
Incoming is a 3D shooter with plenty of action. In arcade mode, you can play it as a straight shooter. Some missions have you manning an immobile turret where you simply aim at the sky and engage incoming bogeys. Other missions can have you control a ground hovertank engaging enemy ground threats. Yet other missions will have you control a helicopter, a Harrier jumpjet, and even a captured alien fighter. There are also an “action” mode and “action-tactics” mode, where you are given some limited control of other friendly units.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £9.60 (Cash Converters)

Toy Commander

Some of the greatest adventures that kids have growing up occur in their imaginations as they play with their toys. Toy Commander is a game that attempts to capture these adventures in an interactive, three dimensional world. The player’s perspective is that of the toy vehicles that inhabit a house. The various gameplay areas are all based on rooms in this giant house.
Gameplay in Toy Commander is mission based. In each mission, the player controls one or more toy vehicles to accomplish certain objectives. The objectives in each mission vary widely. In some missions, the player must drive an army truck and shoot things, in some it is necessary to fly helicopters to pick up and drop off objects, and in some the player races against computer-controlled vehicles.
There is a storyline that ties together the missions in the single player mode. A coalition of old toys has started a rebellion against the new toys in the house. An evil Teddy Bear, the Toy Commander, is leading this rebellion. It’s the player’s job to stop him. In each mission, the basic goal is to complete the task in as short a time as possible. If the player meets a certain time goal, the mission is completed. By completing four missions, the player gets to challenge the boss character in the room. If the boss is successfully destroyed, he will assist the player character in the final fight against the Toy Commander.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £9.60 (Cash Converters)

Wacky Races

Start your engines!
The wackiest, wildest cartoon racing game ever is here. Based on the original Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Wacky Races lets you join your favorite characters on a wild race where only your wits, your driving skills and your bag of dirty tricks will get you across the finish line first!
11 wacky characters to play including Penelope Pitstop, Dick Dastardly & Muttley, and the Slag Brothers.
Each vehicle has its own special gadgets and unique abilities.
Race across 22 tracks filled with jumps, shortcuts, tunnels, and traps.
Foil your adversaries with foul tactics and diabolical schemes.
Select from multiple racing modes – Track Challenge, Wacky Cup, Dastardly Time Trials, Vs., Golden Muttley Challenge, and more!

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £16.00 (Cash Converters)

Dreamareana And Dreamkey Browser 3.0

Dreamarena was a free dial-up-based online gaming service provided for all Dreamcast consoles in Europe, launching with the debut of the Dreamcast in Europe on October 14, 1999. The service was accessed via the DreamKey browser, which was also built into some games such as Sonic Adventure 2.

After the discontinuation of the Dreamcast and its transition away from console hardware, Sega closed Dreamarena on February 28, 2002; subsequent online access required version 3.0 of DreamKey, which was released on February 1 and provided users the ability to access the Internet via an ISP of their choice. Online functions for the Dreamcast continued to run for another year until they were shut down on February 28, 2003.
Despite the emphasis of online gaming by Sega, no games supported online play at launch despite a handful of games offering free downloadable content (DLC) to store on a VMU, including Sonic Adventure. This caused much ire among consumers such that complaints were filed, accusing Sega of misleading advertising. The first game to support online play was ChuChu Rocket!, which first released in Japan on November 11, 1999

Rating – Complete

Dreamcast Keyboard

The Dreamcast Keyboard is a peripheral built for the Sega Dreamcast. Though keyboards had existed for consoles in the past, the Dreamcast’s keyboard was seen as the first “useful” one, thanks to the Dreamcast’s internet capabilities. It was also the first console keyboard to be released internationally in large numbers. Many games can be used in conjunction with the Dreamcast Mouse, effectively simulating PC controls for first person shooters.
Like normal PC keyboards, the Dreamcast keyboard varies between countries due to different key placements. Also as with other peripherals, special editions of the keyboard were made with different color schemes, the majority of which never left Japan.

Rating – Loose
Price Paid – £6.40 (Cash Converters)

Dreamcast Vibration Pack

The Vibration Pack is a insertable accessory for the Dreamcast controller’s expansion ports. When placed in the controller, it allow compatible games to give force feedback to the controller, a concept pioneered by Nintendo with the Nintendo 64.
The Vibration Pack is similar in appearance to a VMU, though has no screen, buttons or memory capabilities. The accessory is bulkier at the back, meaning the preferred position is to place it in the second second expansion slot. Because the Vibration Pack is removable, it can be placed in a number of other Dreamcast controllers – for example, in theory it could be placed inside the Dreamcast Gun giving the controller a more realistic feel when firing.
Dreamcast was the last console to have a removable vibration pack. All future consoles have had the technology built in to the controller.

Rating – Loose