Billy Bobs Huntin’ & Fishin’

In Billy Bob’s Huntin’-n-Fishin’ the player takes the role of Billy Bob, an obese redneck, who wants to win the heart of his love Daisy Mae. But she makes high demands: her lover needs to be a skilled hunter and fisherman. Two attributes which don’t fit Billy. The only way to change this is by solving a variety of simple mini games, e.g. a shooting gallery or catching worms by walking to the hole and pressing the button with the correct timing. Those mini games can be tackled in any order and when all in a category (fishing or hunting) are finished, the player gets access to the main assignment. This plays out with another, slightly more complex mini game. All this has to be repeated five times with increasing difficulty in order to beat the game.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £5.60 (Cash Converters)

Fort Boyard

Based on the international game TV show of the same name which first became popular in France in the early 1990s.
Teams of 4 players compete in physical and mental challenges to earn keys that unlock a trove of prizes. Players meet famous Fort Boyard characters and animals in various situations.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £9.60 (Cash Converters)

International Track And Field: Summer Games

Game Boy Color release of Track & Field games is different to the console and computer version in a way that it does not use 3D graphics but instead uses sprites with 2D graphics with various gameplay perspectives, depending on one of the twelve available athletic games. Main two gameplay modes are Single Play and Versus Play.

Single Play mode offers you three choices:
Olympic mode – where you get to select one of the events you wish to play, select your country, and try it out after checking the tutorial.
Championship mode – you only select the country, and events are selected randomly (trap shooting and table tennis are excluded)
Record – where you can check the top records for each of the athletic events
Versus Play mode lets you connect to another device with a system link and test your skill against a human opponent.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £8.00 (Cash Converters)