I was browsing the Cash Converters website, which I regularly do, and this listing came up. This was very cheap so I snapped it up.
I purchased this game for one reason only, to resell. I don’t do a lot of reselling because I am trying to build up a collection, but I will occasionally buy a bundle consisting of a console and games, sell what I don’t need and use the cash to fund the collection. I intend to do it with this game. At the time of writing the game store CEX will give me £113 in cash or £133 in a voucher. I will opt for the voucher, because I can get something I will be happy to add to the collection. I have no desire to play a Pokemon game.

The listing on the Cash Converters website

A few days later the game arrived, it was in OK condition and I was very happy to know for sure that it was a genuine copy. They’re a lot of fakes of Pokemon games out there so you have to be vigilant.

Before I sold this game, I gave it a quick test and was greeted by this error. The CMOS battery inside the cartridge had died, so you couldn’t save the game. I have to replace the battery in this, it is very simple to do.

The pack of CR2025 batteries costing £8.99

After opening the cart this is what I had to deal with, not only had the previous owner done a terrible solder job, they had also soldered the battery upside down. So the battery here was probably working, but I wasn’t going to chance it.

Using helping hands to hold in place
Battery removed and all cleaned up with IPA
New battery soldered in place

And there you have it, in less than 20 mins The game now works as it should. Now to take it to CEX