I recently had a lovely weekend away to Blackpool and while there I visited the Arcade Club.

The original Arcade Club started in a warehouse in Haslingden with about 100 machines.
In October 2015 the Arcade Club moved to Ela Mill in Bury with more than twice the space to accommodate more machines. March 2017 saw the opening of Floor 2 allowing for more space.
Fast forward to today and the Arcade club has expanded to 3 separate locations, the original Bury venue, another in Leeds and the location I visited in Blackpool.

This was the first dedicated arcade I have visited, other than the amusements you find at seaside towns across the UK, but they are just not the same. I loved it here, the atmosphere was amazing, the lights and sounds really made the experience something to remember.
There were loads of classic arcades housed here ranging from the original Pong, Pac Man, Space Invaders, Outrun, Time Crisis and loads of other games from the 80s and 90s, plus modern classics such as House of the Dead 5, Luigi’s Mansion, Air Hockey Basketball and Pinball. This was the first time I have had a chance to play some of the all-time classic arcades. I believe I played about 90% of all the games here. There were a few I didn’t play as they were the dance games (I’m nearly 40 for gods sake) as well as Japanese import games that I had no interest in playing. But I loved the ones I did play with my particular favourites being Out Run and Rastan. I would certainly urge anyone to visit there, you won’t be disappointed.
Please enjoy some photos of my visit