Kingdom of Carts Presents…The BUMPER Video Game Quiz Book.

This book is jam packed with over a thousand quiz questions pertaining to all things video game related. The book itself is very basic, but it doesn’t need to be fancy. The subjects covered here range from games on the Atari 2600 to the PlayStation 4 and everything in-between. The questions are not too hard and anyone with only a passing interest in video games is sure to get a question or 2 correct as its very accessible to all. Overall a fantastic book that can be used to test yourself to add to your knowledge, or test others in your own gaming quiz night. For the price this was a must buy. Be sure to check out Kingdom of carts on their Instagram and YouTube.

Price paid – £8.99 (Amazon)

Evan Amos –
The Game Console: A History In Photographs (Book)

The Game Console is a tour through the evolution of video game hardware, with gorgeous full-colour photos and exploded views of 86 consoles such as the Magnavox Odyssey, Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Commodore 64. The book ends on modern consoles like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U. This book is a fantastic read, you can tell the author has put a hell of a lot of time into making it.

Price paid – £16.23 (Amazon)

Bitmap Books-
NES/Famicom: a visual Compendium (Book)

This book showcases the very best pixel art, box art and product design on the NES system. It features more than 170 classic games, with articles on the leading developers, interviews with key figures in the industry and mini- features on subjects such as packaging, fan art and unreleased games. When you first get your hands on this book, you know it’s something very special it comes in a 3mm protective board slipcase which has a lenticular fascia and is shrink- wrapped. The large images and informative writing spread across its 536 pages are a joy to look at and read.
I urge you to check out Bitmap Books as they have, at the time of writing, have 6 more visual compendium books for various different consoles, as well as other high quality ones.

Price paid – £29.31 (Amazon)

Tiny Arcade Space Invaders Mini Arcade Cabinet

This is an almost 10cm tall miniature replica of the Space Invaders arcade cabinet. It is fully playable and features a full colour 1.44 inch LCD screen. 128 x 128 resolution display. This is a fantastic machine, it has a great screen and it sounds nice as well. I was worried about playability due to it’s small size but it is very easily playable. There is a hack for this that would allow me to play 4 games on this machine, it only requires a switch and a little soldering. I may give this a go at a later date.

Price paid – £19.95 (Amazon)

Sega Promotional E3 2019 History of SEGA Blue T-Shirt

This T-shirt is amazing, it features all of Segas consoles from 1983-1998. I love the white console designs on the blue shirt background, it really makes them stand out.

Price paid – £16.90 (eBay)

Nintendo Game Boy Camera.

This is the US/Europe version of the Game Boy Camera. Please see here for info and my review along with some sample images taken from the camera.

Price paid – £32.50 (eBay)

Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Camera (Yellow Japanese Version)

This is the Japanese version of the Game Boy camera and is the same hardware as the US/Europe version. The software had a few regional differences which you can read about here.
I purchased this along with the Japanese printer paper as they were brand new old stock, they had not been open before. I will eventually like to get the Japanese version of the Game Boy Printer.

Price paid – £22.99 (eBay)

Nintendo Game Boy Printer

This is the printer for use with the Game Boy camera. Please see here for info and my review along with some printed out images.

Price paid – £32.50 (eBay)

Nintendo Game Boy Printer Paper

This is a 3 pack of Nintendo thermal printer paper for use with the Game Boy Printer.

Price paid – £17.99 (eBay)

Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Printer Paper (Yellow Japanese Version)

Brand new old stock of a roll of thermal printer that is used for the Game Boy Printer.

Price paid – £3.99 (eBay)

All of the Nintendo branded thermal paper are pretty much useless today due to the age they were produced. The images printed onto this paper today will not print a clear picture So the boxes of Nintendo paper I purchased are just collection pieces, I shall not be using them.

38mm x 30mm Thermal Till Rolls

I purchased these new thermal till rolls for use with the Game Boy Printer. They are the exact size required for the printer and will work no problem. The paper comes in a box of 20 rolls so I have a lot of shooting and printing ahead of me.

Price paid – £26.52 (eBay)