The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Juggernauts – Nintendo Game Boy (1992)

The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Juggernauts, released in 1992 for the Game Boy, is an action game that parodies the popular TV show American Gladiators. In the game, Bart becomes a contestant on a knock-off game show called Juggernauts USA. Here, he faces off against a buff cast of characters called Juggernauts in a series of wacky challenges. These events range from skateboarding ramps and electrified obstacle courses to mallet battles and hot dog collecting dashes. As Bart overcomes these challenges, he earns prize money and progresses through the game. The game received mixed reviews, but some found its unique premise and blend of action genres entertaining.


Pit Fighter – Nintendo Game Boy (1992)

Released in 1992, Pit Fighter is a side-scrolling beat ’em up for the Game Boy. Though originally titled Bloodsport in development, it eventually landed on the name Pit Fighter. The game lacks a deep story, throwing you into a brutal fighting tournament where you battle through increasingly difficult opponents. You brawl your way through the tournament using punches, kicks, and throws, with the goal of becoming the champion. Unlike many fighting games, Pit Fighter doesn’t offer extra lives or continues. You have one shot to win the entire tournament, making it a challenging and unforgiving experience.


Nemesis – Nintendo Game Boy (1990)

Nemesis, released in 1990 for the Game Boy, is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up developed by Konami. Though part of the Gradius franchise, it’s mostly an original experience. You pilot a starfighter through five unique stages, battling alien enemies and giant bosses. While the story is minimal, it follows the typical shoot ’em up format: defeating an invading alien force. Nemesis offers a power-up meter that lets you enhance your firepower and missiles. It even has hidden bonus stages for extra points and lives. Although it only has five stages, challenging enemies and fast-paced action make it a memorable Game Boy title.

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Chuck Rock II: The Son Of Chuck – Sega Game Gear (1993)

Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck takes you on a side-scrolling adventure on the Sega Game Gear. This time, it’s not Chuck himself who’s the hero, but his son, Chuck Jr.! After Chuck Sr. builds a successful car factory, a jealous rival named Brick Jagger kidnaps him. Now, armed with his trusty club, Chuck Jr. sets out to rescue his dad. The gameplay offers a mix of platforming and puzzle-solving. Chuck Jr. can bop enemies with his club, use it to balance and avoid hazards, and even bat rocks to create platforms. You’ll also encounter friendly animals you can ride, each with unique abilities to help you navigate the wacky world and overcome Brick Jagger’s schemes.