Another NUBY Game Boy Amplifier

As you may recall, I recently purchased an unboxed version of this item, The opportunity came where I was able to acquire a complete version, so couldn’t pass that up.

The NUBY Game Boy Amplifier is a vintage accessory designed for the original Game Boy system. It was produced by the Nuby Manufacturing Company, who were known for developing innovative accessories for various gaming systems that aimed to enhance the gaming experience.
The Nuby Game Boy Amplifier plugs into the headphone jack of the original DMG-01 Game Boy model. It boosts the volume of the audio coming from the handheld console. It includes a micro-amp which allows for greater volume control, providing a more immersive audio experience. The amplifier is equipped with stereo speakers that boosts the volume of the audio coming from the handheld console.
This accessory reflects the era of the early ’90s when portable gaming was becoming increasingly popular, and companies like Nuby were creating products to enhance the portable gaming experience.

I didn’t really expect too much from this little thing, but it blew me away. You can hear the audio from another room, it is that loud. It looks the part too, really in-keeping with the Game Boy aesthetic.

Name/VariantNUBY Game Boy Amplifier
NotesSlightly Yellowed Packaging