Philips Discoverer CRT TV

The Philips Discoverer or the ‘Space Helmet TV, is a limited edition 14″ Colour TV model 14GR1220. It was designed by Honson Lee and was introduced in 1983 to celebrate NASA’s first space shuttle launch in 1981.
The TV resembles an astronauts space helmet with tinted screen shield that can be brought down to enhance the contrast and prevent glare on the 14 inch TV screen. You can watch TV with the visor up and down.
The TV bares the nickname ’Space Helmet TV’ due to obvious reasons. Several variants with a comparable form factor where introduced by different manufacturers in the word.
The TV came with a matching but fragile remote control.


  • Size: 530 x 430 x 530mm
  • Model: Philips 14GR1220/10B
  • 14″/37 cm PAL colour TV
  • CCIR B/G electronic VHF-/UHF tuner
  • 40 presets
  • Monaural
  • IR remote control type “RC 9010”
  • 52 W power consumption.
  • Net weight: 12 kg / 26 lb 6.9 oz (26.432 lb)

Rating – Loose With Remote (Missing Piece, No Aerial)
Price Paid – £80 (Cash Converters)

As you can see from the photos, my TV is missing one of the side pieces so the visor is loose on one side. I will have to have a look on how I can repair this.