The Boom Box Boy, or the Game Boy FM Radio, is an accessory for the Game Boy Pocket or Game Boy Color which allows gamers to listen to FM radio broadcasts.
The Boom Box Boy/Game Boy Radio is simple to use. You switch your Gameboy on, and it delivers power to the radio – Just plug in some headphones, and enjoy some tunes while you play your handheld.

The unit itself is a very compact size, and takes its power from the Link Cable port of the handheld to power itself, which means that you have to have your Game Boy turned on to listen to the radio. However you can play a game at the same time as listening to the radio.
The Boom Box Boy doesn’t make use of any speakers, requiring headphones to use.
The unit has a headphone jack, volume slider and function buttons.
There are buttons to scan for radio stations or reset the scanning. Pressing the Scan button changes the FM station and plays the next radio station along the way. If you get lost, the Reset button will get you back to the beginning of the available FM radio bands.

Rating – Loose
Price Paid – £2.99 (Cash Converters Online)