Sonic Advance – Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Sonic the Hedgehog has arrived for his first ever adventure on a Nintendo console. Sonic Advance combines elements from the original Sonic series on Sega’s Genesis, as well as from the Dreamcast Sonic Adventure series.
Choose from Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, or Amy and take them through level after level of fast gameplay and ring collecting, dodging enemies in your path towards the final showdown with Dr Robotnik (aka Dr Eggman). Collect Chaos Emeralds along the way to transform into Super Sonic for added speed, and train your Chao to exchange them into Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the Nintendo GameCube. You can also play four-player battle modes with your friends, using one game cart between 4 GBAs.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £20 (Cash Converters)

Namco Museum – Nintendo Game Boy Advance

With Namco Museum you can play arcade favorites on the new Game Boy Advance. Four Namco greats are included in this cartridge: classic maze game Ms. Pac-Man, dig-your-own-maze title Dig Dug, old-school racer Pole Position, and quintessential arcade shooter Galaga. Gamers old enough to remember when each of these titles used to require a full-size arcade cabinet will delight in the easy portability, instant access, and classic gameplay

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £8 (Cash Converters)

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