Nintendo GameCube

I had a GameCube as a teen and I can only remember playing Super Mario Sunshine on it. I have recently played it to play Animal Crossing, a fantastic game I urge you all to play.
If Nintendo’s last effort, the N64 was to be taken seriously with its automotive styled design, the GameCube is the cute, fun and friendly console. Its cubed (not really a cube at all) design and handle all contribute to its image as a more toy-like console. I like the consoles design, I mean, if games are meant to be fun then why can’t the console that plays the game be fun too?

The controller feels very comfortable to hold in the hand and the A and B buttons are in a nice position. The other face buttons are in an awkward place and are not very easy to reach. The right hand analog stick is more of a nub than a stick I’m used to in other pads. The triggers on the back of the pad have a little too much motion for my liking, and the size and placement of the “Z” button makes it very easy to forget that it’s there.

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