So I fear I’ve made a costly mistake by getting into collecting arcade boards.

I was given the opportunity to get my hands on a few untested arcade boards. They seem very complicated to me and there’s a lot that can go wrong with all the chips and capacitors, and while I own a soldering iron, my skills are severely lacking. So I really hope they work
With my limited knowledge on playing these boards on my TV, I believe I need to purchase a supergun to connect the board to, as well as a power supply. Then I need a controller that is compatible.
I have managed to identify 5 out of the 6 board I have, I’m not sure of the last one, the packaging said it’s a Mortal Kombat board but I havent seen this exact one while doing research.

The other 5 games are

  • Crime Fighters (Konami 1989)
  • Vendetta (Konami 1991) (Crime Fighters 2)
  • Final Fight (Capcom 1989)
  • Two Crude (Data East 1991) (Crude Buster)
  • OutZone (Toaplan 1990)