I came across a listing on eBay for a large bundle of retro trading cards, going back as far as the 70’s. This bundle contained cards of various different themes including, Star Wars, Football, Dr Who, Jurassic Park among others. In this bundle were 30 Sega Super Play Cards from 1992. My idea was to purchase these, then sell the cards I wasn’t interested in, which would recoup some of my money back. Which is what I did, bringing the price of the 30 cards to under a tenner, happy times.

Sega Super Play Cards (1992)

Released in 1992, the Sega Super Play cards were a collaboration between Sega and Panini. Though not a traditional trading card game, these collectible cards offered a unique look into the world of Sega games. There were 120 cards total, divided into three categories: “Game” cards with artwork, info, trivia, and gameplay hints, “Game Play” cards showcasing screenshots and tips, and finally “Character” cards featuring prominent faces from Sega franchises like Sonic and Streets of Rage. While not a huge commercial success, these cards offer a nostalgic glimpse into the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive era for collectors and retro gaming enthusiasts.

And with that, another collection is born. I will attempt to complete this set, and if possible collect every complete game featured, and I will place a card in every box.

30 Loose Cards
Name/Variant30 Sega Super Play Cards