I recently acquired this broken Sega Game Gear. It would display a black screen when powered on. So as I’ve done many times before, I recapped it, hoping that would fix the issue, as with about 99% of cases, it does. However after replacing all of the caps and powering on, it turns out that this has a broken screen. So I will need to replace the screen somewhere down the line.

The broken game gear came with a few other things, a game and 2 accessories

Devilish – Sega Game Gear (1991)

Devilish is an action video game that was released for the Sega Game Gear in 1991. It is a Breakout clone, where the player controls two paddles to bounce a ball and destroy enemies and obstacles. The game has a fantasy theme and a plot involving a prince and princess who were turned into stone paddles by a demon. The game has six levels, each with a boss at the end. The game also has a time trial mode and three difficulty levels1. Devilish is considered to be a challenging and unique game, with some critics praising its graphics and music.

Master Gear Converter

The Master Gear Converter is a device that allows Sega Master System games to be played on the Sega Game Gear, a portable console. It plugs into the Game Gear’s cartridge slot and accepts Master System cartridges. The Game Gear has the same hardware as the Master System, but with a smaller screen resolution and a different color palette. The Master Gear Converter adjusts the video output to fit the Game Gear’s screen, but does not enhance the graphics or sound.

Sega Wide Gear

The Sega Wide Gear is a screen magnifier accessory for the Sega Game Gear, a portable console. It attaches to the front of the Game Gear and enlarges the image by 50%. It also blocks out external light and reduces glare. The Sega Wide Gear was released in 1991 and was compatible with all Game Gear games.