So these games came into work, and while I normally don’t entertain unboxed games for the most part, something about the Sitting Ducks box art just appealed to me. I knew nothing about it, but I just couldn’t pass it up.

Drome Racers – Nintendo Game Boy Advance (2003)

Drome Racers is a futuristic racing game based on the the Lego Racers line of construction toys. Drome Racers features on- and off-road racing in vehicles that look like they were constructed out of Legos. This is an arcade-style racing game. Therefore it features outrageous speeds and weapon powerups scattered throughout the tracks.
The main game in Drome Racers is the Championship mode. In Championship, you compete in a series of races. After each race your place on the podium give you an amount of credits you can use to upgrade your cars. Before each series of races, you can compete in a drag race tournament to determine your starting position, if you win the drag race you obtain an additional upgrade credit. Other game modes are : Quick Race, Arcade (Single Race, Time Attack or Dragster Race), and Multiplayer.

Sitting Ducks – Nintendo Game Boy Advance (2004)

Sitting Ducks is a 2D game based on the TV cartoon of the same name in witch the gang has to complete various levels to be able to go to the King of Bongo concert.
The game has a Story mode and a Race mode. In the story mode the player has to collect various items in a set amount of time. Chips for extra time can also be collected and chips for losing time have to be avoided. Later on the player also has to retrieve keys to open doors, use levers and avoid enemies. In the Race mode the player can compete in scooter races. The player will get to play as the duck Bill, alligator Aldo and Fred the penguin. A password save system is used in the game.