Mario’s Tennis – Nintendo Virtual Boy (1995)

Up for a game of tennis with Mario and his cohorts?
You get to choose from seven different characters, (Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Yoshi, Toad, Koopa Troopa, and Donkey Kong Jr.) all with different ability levels, to play against each other in either singles or doubles matches. You can also play in an exhibition or tournament mode.
In regular mode, you play against an opponent that you choose yourself for either one or three rounds.
In tournament mode, you get to play against three others in a tournament to see who is the greatest at tennis in a given game.

V-Tetris – Nintendo Virtual Boy (1995)

Tetris has always had depth, but with the Virtual Boy’s stereoscopy, you can now see it.
At its core, this is just another version of Tetris with its own set of graphics, sounds, and other quirks. Rotate blocks, and when you’ve formed a complete line they disappear. Mode A is the familiar endless mode of play, where you’ll keep going until you’ve let the pile reach too high. Mode B is another common mode, where there are a set number of lines you must clear before victory is declared. Mode C is the most unique in this game. The game field is twice as wide, but you only use half of it at once; the other half is displayed further away in the background. You can scroll left or right at any time, creating new possibilities for creating lines and strategies.