This is the 4th entry into the Arkham series of games and unlike its bigger brothers, this is a stripped down 2.5d side scroller. While not as grand in scale as the the other games, this still manages to maintain most of what made the other games great. The visuals look just as good as the other console Arkham games, although during the cutscenes the graphics turn into a rather crudely drawn comic book style. The combat is as great as ever as it will always be fun fighting the countless goons as the Dark Knight. The various areas are all very samey and trying to find your way from one end of the worlds most unhelpful map to the other, can be a real chore, I got lost a lot in this game and it was very frustrating. One of my main issues with this game is that in the other games it felt amazing being able to fly above the streets of the various Gotham areas as Batman and the old adage of “its not about the destination, its about the journey” was certainly true as just gliding around was my favourite parts of the series. There is none of that here, all of the action takes place inside buildings so there is no flying around here (insert sad face emoji here)
I feel like they did a great job of distilling the essence of the Arkham series into this game even if it does feel more like an extension of a game rather than a new chapter.