One of my main goals with my game collection is to acquire the top 10 titles (minus pokemon games) for every console I have in my collection.
I have created this top 10 with the help of this Wikipedia article listing several highest grossing games for various different consoles. Where the data wasn’t available in that article, I pieced together a top 10 list by scouring the web for various “top 10 games” of each console, and any games that appear on one or more lists, will make its way onto mine.
I feel that I now have a genre spanning list of games from each console to work from.

I am aiming to get a complete copy of the games in relatively good condition. Now I realise that this will be quite a difficult challenge and will end up being a costly endeavor, but hey, nothing worth having ever comes easy. In order to afford the games I will be scouring second hand shops, charity shops, car boot sales and calling on friends to help.

Below is my always updated top 10 game collection, in order to help visually, the games that are in colour, I have a complete copy of. The games in black and white I do not have a complete copy in my collection yet, I may have an almost complete copy, but this page here shows only my fully complete games. You can view the full state of my top 10 collection by viewing my collection spreadsheet by following the link at the bottom of the page.
The games are in order of console release date.

Atari 26002/10 Games Complete

Intellivision0/10 Games Complete

Philips G70001/10 Games Complete

MB Vectrex3/10 Games Complete

Sinclair ZX Spectrum0/10 Games Complete

Nintendo Entertainment System3/10 Games Complete

Sega Master System4/10 Games Complete

Atari 78007/10 Games Complete

Atari ST1/10 Games Complete

NEC PC-Engine1/10 Games Complete

Sega Megadrive10/10 Games Complete (See post here)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System6/10 Games Complete

Nintendo Game Boy3/10 Games Complete

Atari Lynx3/10 Games Complete

Sega Game Gear -3/10 Games Complete

Amstrad GX40000/10 Games Complete

Sega Mega-CD1/10 Games Complete

Philips CD-i1/10 Games Complete

Panasonic 3DO1/10 Games Complete

Atari Jaguar0/10 Games Complete

Sega Saturn7/10 Games Complete