Top 10 Game Quest

One of my main goals with my game collection is to aquire the top 10 titles (minus pokemon games) for every console I have in my collection. I am aiming to get a complete copy of the games in relatively good condition. Now I realise that this will be quite a difficult challenge and will end up being a costly endeavour, but hey, nothing worth having ever comes easy. In order to afford the games I will be scouring second hand shops, charity shops, car boot sales and calling on friends to help. I will also be selling doubles in my collection along with anything else I dont need. I will of course document this on here.

This is my always updated top 10 game collection.

SIB – Sealed in box
CIB – Complete in box
B/I – Game, box and insert
B/M – Game, box and manual
Boxed No Manual Or Insert – Game and box
Loose – Loose