Sega Master System 1

I can’t remember having a Master System as a kid, but I definitely remember playing one and really loving playing Sonic The Hedgehog and Alex Kidd.

The Master System is a black 3D trapezium with red/orange highlights and looks very much like a piece of late 80’s technology trying to look futuristic, and it works very well in that regard. The angular design is very striking and the console shows a diagram or vague instructions as to how the system works on its face. The Master System is a very durable machine.

My Master System has a  50/60hz mod switch installed which allows me to switch between 50hz (PAL) and 60hz (NTSC). Pal games run slower and have a top and bottom border where as the NTSC has a full screen and runs at full speed.

The controller is very similar to the NES controller, with a (slightly mushy) D-pad and 2 face buttons, however I personally find this pad to be more comfortable to use than the NES controller.