Lego Atari 2600

The LEGO Atari 2600 set is a nostalgic recreation of one of the most famous video game consoles of all time. The iconic Atari VCS/2600 was an instant hit when introduced in 1977 and the LEGO set is based on the four-switch revision which debuted in 1980. The release of the new LEGO set also comes in celebration of Atari’s 50th anniversary.
Activate challenge mode as you build your own console in brick form and take a nostalgic journey uncovering features such as the controller with a joystick that moves to feel just like the original. Brick builders and gamers alike will enjoy sliding open the front and unveiling a pop-up scene from an 80’s gaming room, reviving memories of hours spent trying to get a new high score.
The set also includes three video game cartridges of iconic Atari games in brick format: Asteroids™, Adventure and Centipede. The cartridges can be stored in a case and built into mini versions of the games. In addition, the console includes a switch to select whether you have a colour or black and white television.

This set was very enjoyable to build. I find it very relaxing to just go at my own pace and watch the console come to life brick by brick. I love building Lego, but I am only sticking with the console sets they release because I fear that I’d too easily get sucked into the whole collecting of Lego thing and I don’t think my bank balance could handle that.

Below shows the set as it was built, after each step.

Rating – Complete