Game Boy Clones

The game boy clone kf-2000 is a handheld console that was made in Hong Kong and resembles the original Nintendo Game Boy. It has a monochrome LCD screen. It also has a built-in speaker and a headphone jack. The kf-2000 uses four AA batteries or an AC adapter for power. It comes in various colours and models, such as the kf-2002 and the kf-3000. The kf-2000 is not an official Nintendo product and is considered a bootleg or a knock-off.

Unfortunately these units are not working, they both flash on for a second, but then turn off completely. I have looked at the boards and I don’t think I can fix them.

This model is very obviously styled after the original Game Boy, and I think it looks very close to the Nintendo handheld.

You can see how close it resembles a Game Boy.

This one is a bright shade of green, looks great in my opinion.