Evercade Handheld Console

Evercade is a handheld game console developed and manufactured by UK company Blaze Entertainment. It focuses on retro gaming with ROM cartridges that each contain a number of emulated games.
It has a 4.3″ Screen and connects to your TV, up-scaling graphics to HD. You can save and load your progress at any point and there’s a library of over 100 officially licensed 8-bit and 16- bit retro games.
Inside this premium Pack you will find:
Namco Collection 1 cartridge with 11 games including Pac Man, Dig Dug and Galaxian!
Interplay collection 1 cartridge with 6 games including Earth Worm Jim and Clay Fighter!
Atari collection 1 cartridge with 20 games including Centipede (2600), Ninja golf (7800), Asteroids (2600) and food fight (7800).

There’s a lot to like with this little handheld. The screen is a good size, and its bright and clear. The use of cartridges is a nice touch that hits that sweet nostalgia spot. The only thing I’m not so keen on is the design of the thing, it looks too childish and the white colour? yuk. If they could combine this consoles use of cartridges and the Anbernic RG-350’s looks (see August 2020 pickups post here), I think it would be spot on.

Rating – Complete
Price Paid – £80 (Amazon)