Atari 2600 ‘Vader’

The Atari 2600 “Vader” wasn’t a major overhaul of the console, but it marked a turning point. Released in 1982, it coincided with the launch of the Atari 5200. This all-black variant of the classic Atari 2600, previously known as the Atari VCS, ditched the woodgrain design for a sleeker look. Nicknamed “Darth Vader” by fans for its resemblance to the Star Wars villain, it was also the first model officially branded as the Atari 2600.
Internally, the Vader offered no changes from previous Atari 2600 models. It played the same cartridges and functioned identically. The black design however, was a signifier of a changing market. Atari was attempting to give the 2600 a more modern look to compete with newer consoles and maintain its dominance in the home video game market.

Name/VariantAtari 2600 ‘Vader’
AccessoriesPower Cable, Joystick Controller