Atari 130XE

The Atari 130XE was introduced in 1985 along with a new range of XE computers that would replace the Atari 600XL/800XL. Mostly, the XE line was introduced as a cosmetic change that made the 8-bits look more like the Atari ST series that were released at the same time. The XE line of computers were to be the last of the 8-Bit computers released by Atari

Technically, The Atari 130XE wasn’t all that different from the original Atari 800 and the previous XL line. The biggest difference was that it had a new memory management chip and 128K of RAM instead of 64K. This RAM was accessible through bank-selection.
The 130XE does not include the Parallel Bus Interface (PBI) port found on the 600XL/800XL, but it does
include the similar (though physically incompatible) Enhanced Cartridge Interface (ECI). Which allows external devices access to the computer’s bus and data lines.

There were few examples of software ever written to use the extra RAM (although it made a nice RAM disk) and little hardware was made to use the ECI. In reality then, it offered little more than the 800XL delivered.
The 130XE has the Atari XL OS and Atari BASIC on ROM.

The Atari 130XE houses two joystick ports, composite video output, and a serial bus connector for floppy drive or printer.
The 130XE is compatible with with all Atari 400/800/XL cartridges, cassettes and discs.

Made as an attempt to extend the life of the old XL series, the Atari 130-XE had a very short life as it was abandoned quickly in favor of its 16 bit brothers, relatively few XEs were made.

Version – PAL Atari 130XE Starter Pack
Rating – Complete
Condition – Hardware – 7/10 (Yellowed Keys), Box – 6/10 (Some Rips And Bends)
Accessories – Atari XC12 Tape Deck, Power Cable, Joystick, Games Compilation
Paid – £149.99 (Cash Converters Online)